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What is The After Action Report? 

Joe Friday meets Dietrich from Barney Miller*

Most travel websites see travel as an optimistic adventure filled with romance, pink sand beaches, and 500 thread count sheets. Where the traveler magically appears in his 5-star hotel room before being whisked away to a fabulous culturally enriching experience to be followed by the best damn branzino he ever ate. If you have ever traveled you quickly realize that while it can be all that (and more) it is also smelly hotels, cramped transportation, and dubious sightseeing. I try to bring a little realism, some humor, and details to the equation. Not sure if I succeed, but at least I won't be unoriginal.  

Please feel free to contact me at


*Have no idea who these people are? Well, that's part of the brand.     

Subscriber Feedback

Had a great visit to Eiteljorg Museum. I really enjoyed this wonderful museum, where I stopped today on my way to St. Louis. Would never have known about it if not for your After Action Report a few months back. Hope you and Mrs. AAR are having a good summer . . . 


- Linda

Best travel journal ever.

- Art F.

Your articles are hilarious. Good stuff!


- Rick C. 

I have been enjoying your articles for quite some time on Humble Dollar.  I am a lurker and don’t comment much, but, what a funny thing to be reading an article on Next Avenue about Turbo Tax, and realize…”Hey, I know that guy!”.  Of course, I don’t in real life…but kind of sort of. Congratulations! You have a lot of good stuff to share and I am glad to see you are casting your net wider. Keep on keeping on.

- KG

Oh my buddha, you are hilarious.


Love your updates Mike.  Kind of like virtual traveling.  


- Linda B. 

Afteraction (sic)...hard pass from me!!


Thanks, Mike, for your in-depth coverage of Manhattan, KS. . . 

- Linda G.

Kept seeing a Michael Flack email coming on. With so much garbage coming through (almost becoming a job to sort), it took me awhile to research this persistent Michael Flack. Excellent read. Useful Information. Clear, breezy, witty style. Seattle is my soon-to-wish-into-being trip, so Michael's post was super helpful. Found the Japan post helpful for my upcoming trip. 

- Jean A.

So, first of all, your AARs are hilarious and on point. 

- Jennifer L. 

Great information Michael. But I would like to unsubscribe. During the three year pandemic I had lots of time and your stories and backgrounds filed (sic) the time.

- Martin B.

I hope you will eventually write about your new experiences; I appreciate your down-to-earth approach.

                                                                                                                 - Will

Very nice Mr. Flack. Always a great read.

  - Francis S. 

Reading this (including the Humble Dollar article) served as a poignant reminder of how much I’ve missed! Your writing style always makes me feel like I’m there, so by not reading your offerings for an eon, I haven’t been anywhere, have eaten nothing, and have not enjoyed your frequently sarcastic wit. This, by no stretch of the imagination, is a new year resolution, but I shall do my best to be a gracious receiver of your future gifts.

   - Mary M. 

Merry Christmas! Please tell Mike I enjoyed reading his latest blog post.

   - Jessica M.

Claude and I thoroughly enjoyed reading Michael’s After Action Report Edition: Seattle

                                                                                                                   - Vivian C.

You write good.  And I loved the 3-minute story.  

   - Antoinette P.  

Read it. We were howling.  Nice piece, my friend!


                                                                                                                   - T

Always a pleasant read. Anthony Bourdain meets Rick Steves. AAR is my go-to travel resource!!


                                                                                                                            - Paul M.

I've just come back from visiting Denver, as I have relatives there, so I initially read this trip report out of curiosity.  Wow, this was good.  It was informative and humorous.  I actually found it hilarious; laughing out loud numerous times while reading. Thanks for sharing!

                                                                                                        - Kim J.

Great read as always. Find myself smiling, and yes even LOLing reading your sarcasm and wit. Your personality really does shine through, but somehow in a more likable version of you. Cheers!


                                                                                                         - Mike S. 

I have started browsing your AAR site and find it mesmerizing. 


                                                                                                         - Tim F. 

I love, love, love After Action Report.  Ashamed to admit that I only now just took a tour of the site, and you can be sure I will revisit it and recommend it to my family and friends.  Especially interested in all of your tips for the Grand Tour . . . "

                                                                                                                            - Mike T.

Looking forward to this issue’s gems, Mike. Great article in Humble Dollar!

      - Chris T.

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