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AAR Must Drink

There are refreshments out there that can make your travels richer and more fun: 



Cocobon Red Blend 

• Cocobon is a red blend, comprised of Merlot, Zinfandel and Petite Sirah grapes. This well-balanced wine has enticing aromas, fantastic structure and a rich, silky finish. Available at Trader Joe ($5.99 + tax)

Portuguese Douro Red 

• The Douro Valley in Portugal is famous for Port, but it also produces red wine which while not quite as famous as Port, may be even better. If you come across a reasonably priced red wine from the Douro Valley, buy it (and drink it), as I've yet to drink a clinker. 

Burlwood Pinot Noir 

• Pick it up at any Aldi for $4.99. I've been told (by Aldi) that it has "Aromas of cherry and sweet fruit flavors with a smooth and light finish. Pairs well with spicy food or hearty beef dishes".   


Wernesgrüner Pils 

• Quite frankly this is the best Pilser I have ever drunk and at $6.49/6-pk, it's a bargain. From what I can tell, in the U.S. it is only available at Aldi. Only comes in a bottle, which classes it up a little. Prost!

- You may want to combine this exquisite and economical Pilser with Aldi Restaurant Tortilla Chips ($0.89) and Aldi Little Salad Bar Guacamole ($2.99).  


Buffalo Trace Bourbon 

• It is quite easy to pay a significant amount of money for an exquisite bourbon, but the trick is to pay only a modest amount. And the answer to this particular trick is Buffalo Trace Bourbon.

- When buying "good" bourbon, always buy > 80 proof.    

Old Overholt Straight Rye Whiskey 

• Sometimes you want to go easy (real easy) on the budget and when you do . . . 

- This is 80 proof and I hear what your sayin', "you just told me to drink stuff > 80 proof!" Even so this can be quite drinkable, depending on the price (unfortunately this stuff has become quite trendy, and therefore a little more expensive than it used to be). 

Rittenhouse Straight Rye Whiskey - Bottled in Bond

• Sometimes you want to go easy on the budget when you drink, but want to drink rye with a little more oomph and when you do . . . 

- This is 100 proof stuff, which for the price point is pretty good stuff. 

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