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AAR Must Pizza

While I enjoy a good slice, I don’t consider myself a pizza snob. That being said, I actually don’t mind a place like Domino’s. If I’m at a friend‘s house watching the game and a Domino’s pizza shows up at the front door, that’s ok with me - Domino’s has a role to play in this world. On the other hand if I’m buying a pie for $20+, it better be good. That being said, in no particular order, the best pizza I’ve had in a very long time is:

1. il Torrente (Denville, NJ) Slightly sweet with a little zip and the cheese doesn’t slide off when you take a slice out of the box. It also has the sign of a truly great slice: when you eat it with one hand by pinching it in the middle (the proper way), a small amount of grease drip's down your wrist. 

2. 2 Bros Pizza (542 9th Ave, NY, NY): When it comes to getting the best pizza per dollar (π/$) this place is the leader ("Il Duce"). It is a superbly made pizza with the cheese/sauce matrix being the perfect consistency: fully cooked, so you don't bite into a pool of molten goo and adheres to the crust, so it won't slide off as you bring the slice to your π hole (oh, that's a groaner). The sauce is tasty with a little zip. The crust is perfectly baked, slightly crunchy, but you can still fold it, to eat it one handed (like a real New Yawker does). And when you do, a thin rivulet of grease runs down your wrist, which is of course the sign of a truly great pizza. All for $1 a slice? I don't know how the £¥#€§ they do it! 

3. Bacio Pizzeria (81 Seaton Pl NW, DC): Even after the Postmates dude delivered half of it upside down, this cheese pie was the best pizza I've ever eaten outside of the Tri-state area. Perfectly baked crust which had a sandpaper feel, 100 grit (which is a actually a good thing). I ate this pie with two gourmands who both were simply blown away.    

Note: Unless evidence to contrary never get pizza from a place that has a non-Italian name. Umberto‘s, Loui’s or Mootz - Si! Bob’s, Irving’s or Mellow Mushroom - No! 

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