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Ceiba Ferry to Culebra y Vieques: 15 & 16 Nov 2018

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

The ferry moved from Fajardo to Ceiba @ Nov 2018. Here is first hand details that may calm the sea of anxiety.

1. The ferry now operates out of a new terminal building on the Roosevelt Roads Waterfront (identified on google maps as “Ferry Vieques/Culebra”). Once you enter the old Roosevelt Roads Naval Station (the old entrance gate has a security guard, if stopped just say you are going to the ferry), follow signs for Roosevelt Roads Waterfront (which will lead you directly to the main parking lot).

-the Pasajeros (passenger) Ferry is now run by a private company. It is punctual (all four voyages we took to both islands left precisely on time), clean and crewed with professionals.

-the Carga y Pasajeros (cargo and passenger) Ferry is run by the PR government and it shows. Late departure and arrivals are the norm. Note: if hazardous cargo is aboard, passengers may be prohibited.

+on the 4:45 pm Culebra to Ceiba Pasajeros Ferry on 15 Nov 2018, I met a woman from Berlin who spends six months a year in Culebra. She and her husband were taking their car from Culebra back to “the mainland” on the 1:00 pm Carga y Pasajeros Ferry. Because this Carga y Pasajeros Ferry also contained some hazardous material (an empty gasoline truck), only the car’s driver (or as she said “chauffeur”) could board the ferry. So she had to take the 4:45 pm Pasajeros ferry with us, while her husband waited for the 1:00 pm Carga y Pasajeros Ferry (which as you may surmise was over three hours late). As we chatted about Mitte, she kept hoping to see the Carga y Pasajeros Ferry coming the other way to eventually pick up her husband stranded on Culebra. She never saw it. We left her waiting at the Cieba ferry landing, hopefully she is not still there.

2. The ferry runs seven days a week to both Culebra and Vieques using the following schedule. One way ticket: Culebra = $2.50, Vieques = $2.00. We bought our Culebra tickets a day ahead (and so can you).

- You cannot by tickets online.

- I would strongly recommend using only the Pasajeros Ferry (see above).

3. At the ferry landing in Culebra you will be met by the drivers of Publico busses who want to drive you to Flamenco Beach (or other beaches). The going rate is $3.00 each way (or $5.00 round trip). We went with Willy who did a fine job, although they all seem very similar. You can also poke around the “downtown” Culebra Pueblo shops and bars/restaurants. 4. At the ferry landing in Vieques you will be met by taxis.

5. There are three places to park your car at the Ceiba Ferry landing:

-the main parking lot. Cost = $5/day + taxes (Total ≈ $5.50). The lot is a fenced in with marginally adequate blacktop/asphalt.

-the dirt parking lot in front of the ferry terminal. Cost = Free. The lot is unfenced, well rutted and dirt.

-park along Marina Dive (Forrestal Drive). You will get ticketed if you park here (@$100). I saw the police doing it myself.

-I paid the $5 to park in the main parking lot (it seemed like cheap insurance), though if I had to do it again I might park in the dirt lot. I spoke to numerous people (a passenger, a lounger and a security guard) and none of them could explain why there were two lots or which one was better.

6. For our transits the vessels used were the:

-Big Cat Express (Culebra)

-Schoodic Explorer (Vieques) - the smaller of the two

Note: Neither vessel was anywhere near full (and our trip to Vieques was on a Saturday).

7. Misc:

-Culebra is pronounced "Coo lay bra"

-Flamenco Beach:

+is on numerous top 10 beach lists.

+has a small coral reef with some nice fish. From where the publico drops you off at the beach parking lot, proceed directly to the beach (via a short "boardwalk), the coral reef will be at your 10 o'clock, about 50 yards out in 10 feet of water.

-is home to two abandoned tanks. Proceed west (left) down Flamenco Beach about 100 yards to see two old tanks, one up on a little hill, the other in the surf.

-may have old explosives lying about - be safe.

The Big Cat Express (from Vieques) inbound to Ceiba

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