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Travel Gear


1. Rockport Men's Rugged Bucks Waterproof Plaintoe: When you travel, do you want to wear a shoe that screams"I'm not from around here" or one that says "hey, maybe I'm a local"? An integral part of the brand. 



2. Straw Fedora: When you travel you need to keep the sun off your head while maintaining a modicum of style. 

Note: Use a sharpie to blackout the logo.  

3. ExOfficio Men's Give-n-go Boxer Single Pack: Quick-drying* fabric is ready to wear within hours so you can wash, go, and pack less. 

Note: See FAQ #1 for more details.

* These super whamadyne briefs can be washed in the shower, wrung out by hand, and be ready to wear in the morning (unless you are showering in Honk Kong in July, where it's so damn humid that in the morning, they will not be as dry as you would like, but no matter because as soon as you walk outside you will be covered in sweat). 

4. Timberland Men’s Green 1/4 Zip Pull-Over Jacket RN 36543 Size 2XL 100% Polyester. Water-resistant and fashionable. 

5. Anker PowerCore Portable Charger. Sometimes the battery in your cell phone just isn't big enough.


6. Levi's Men's 511 Slim Fit Jeans. Wears like jeans, looks like pants (34x34 if you really must know).

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